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The eighth BIO China Industry Conference

The eighth BIO China Industry Conference came to an end at International Convention and Exhibition Center in Tianjing Binhai New District.The conference was held by Research Center of the Ministry of health medical technology development.It was held four times that the Clinical study of biological medicinal products and market development forum managed by Clinical Medicine Department of Health Science Center base and Shanghai Newsummit Biopharma Co,.Ltd as the important part of the conference. The forum invited academician daiming Fan, deputy director of Chinese Academy of Engineering and academician changxiao Liu,director of Chinese Academy of Engineering led by six large translational medicine research center and major clinical research, bio-pharmaceutical industry experts, academics, key national biomedical industry base, as well as the well-known corporate, investment institutions, research institutions and other more than 200 industry representatives.For the purpose of "evidence-based medicine driven transformation, Appropriate Technology in Health Promotion, meet the clinical needs andmarket development of innovative pharmaceutical products" , through Appropriate Technology in Health and Translational Medicine shows the results of special equipment, expert keynote speeches, roundtable dialogue, special closed-door meeting, one pair of a docking and other activities, build evidence-based translational medicine collaboration platform, multi-level, multi-angle to explore, to seek innovative items .The best way to promote cooperation and projects and products, and to make full use of effective means of bio-industry funds and property transactions, accelerating the transformation of the development of industrialization and marketization of medical outcomes.


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