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Shanghai Newsummit Biopharma Group Co.Ltd attendance to BIO in 2014

The world’s largest biotech industry conference held in San Diego in USA during 23 th June to 26th June,2014.At the conference, Shanghai Newsummit Biopharma Group Co.Ltd widly cooperated with BIO and held the China Day Forum-China Opportunity seminar, China Day welcome dinner and discussed the private session about held place of 2015 BIO China. It invited delegates from 100 domestic and foreign investment companies, clinical hospitals, large pharmaceutical companies, bio-industrial parks, research and development institutions, project companies. Set up by the U.S. Congress on Biotechnology dual channel international cooperation, take the use of international innovative research results of key technologies and new drugs opportunities for cooperation.Through the project IP technology transfer, financing, incubation, introduction, cooperation, build, cultivate a batch of internationally competitive and innovative enterprises.

Qingdao High-tech Industrial Development Zone, which during the BIO International Conference, participate in special events six games, including Qingdao High-tech Zone themed activities of the Assembly five games, the scale ranging from 50 to 300 people, banquet hall booth in China, China Day dinner, the Southern California welcome dinner scene butt more than 30 enterprises including the Southern California Biomedical Association, the global Biotechnology Industry Organization, the US Forward funds, the United States and Biomedical Association, International antibody Center, North nuclear Chinese leaders Organization, Sansar Fund, the U.S. victory, Honeywell Global, U.S. Pengxin American SPG, raw meta information and resources, British dynasty biotechnology, English national Academy of Sciences, South Korea and other high quality bio-industrial park of international companies.


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